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Disruptive digital onboarding for Europe's market leaders

More than 1500 clients in 42 different countries already trust us

Meet QES+

The digital onboarding for Europe, ahead of its time

10 years ago, we patented the first automatic video identification system for companies to remotely identify customers.

Now, with QES+, we upgrade the onboarding process with a Qualified Electronic Signature. All in one single flow, allowing faster, easier, and full compliant operations across Europe.

Implement once, and comply everywhere with QES+.

More operational reach

Because nothing should hinder your business, QES+ gives you the operational freedom to scalate across Europe and reach more than 500M customers.

Total EU compliance

Because trust is what makes a company a leader for its clients, QES+ is completely legally binding and helps you automatically stop risk at the very first try.

More client satisfaction

Because your customers should never be told to wait, with QES+ you can automatically onboard the biggest crowd of people you can think of in a blink of an eye.

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Market leaders trust us since 2016

  • «Electronic IDentification's technology platform and the support provided by its team have enabled Self Bank to be the first one in Spain to offer new customer enrolment via video identification and reduce onboarding time.»

    Alberto Navarro

    CEO, Self Bank

  • «Electronic IDentification has enabled us to implement fully paperless processes and simplify the customer onboarding process. Their solution provides additional cost savings and allows us to better align with green and environmental policies. The integration of the systems was very easy, thanks to the guidance and great support from the eID team.»

    Diego Guirao Rodríguez

    Head of Banking Sector, Oesía


Don't sweat the code, welcome customers with HelloID

Say hello to your new QES+ digital onboarding without breaking a sweat and reduce your time-to-market from months to weeks with our pre-coded conversational assistant

Hello happy customers

Onboard as many clients as you want with our AI-powered convesational assitant. A seamless guided journey of 4 steps: welcome, acceptance, VideoID, Qualified eSignature.

Hello automatic compliance

Comply with the highest Europe’s regulations in every step of the way. The process and technology are thoroughly built to ensure your security and your clients satisfaction.

Hello full customisation

Take your new onboarding live in hours: embed the pre-coded journey in your web or app, choose the languages, colours, logo and your look&feel. Music to IT ears.

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